Gigaia post-release polish

I did some work to polish up the PDF. I added more images (sourced from Pixabay) for several of the foes, as well as to fill whitespace on some of the pages. I also added quotes for the people and places, to illustrate their approaches or beliefs.

More substantially, I updated foe stats, to be more in line with how I was imagining them. For example, the troop carrier enemies now have a higher flight speed. I also fleshed out more foes I hinted at earlier, such as Epoch Guardians.

The supplement should be ready for use as the basis for a Superfantasy campaign. From here, we could create more specific things (sample characters, named enemies, specific locations with maps, etc.)

What else would people like to see?


Gigaia - Planet of Purgatory.pdf 10 MB
Jul 21, 2021

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