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The Power is what sorcerers call the energy that makes magic happen. Every sorcerer can call on Power and shape it using their knowledge.

Unfortunately, you're inept. You might be a barely adequate apprentice struggling to win your master's respect. You might be a senile old coot who's forgotten most of his spells. You could even be an ordinary high school student, balancing your homework, your home life, and the study of an old grimoire you found with your friends. You're not exactly a master of magic.

But you're still a sorcerer. You've seen the wondrous, unpredictable results of spellcasting. You've seen the power it could give you - or the beauty it can create. Whatever you end up with will rarely be what you set out to do, but usually what you need.

You might want to play games about characters that are neither "inept," nor "sorcerers." This isn't that game, but can be used to build the game you want; see "Changing the game" on page 7. Since this game is Creative Commons licensed, you can use everything in this game, and publish it under your own name, as long as you give attribution to this game's creators.


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